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The first wheel barrow load of Turmeric. We’ve got some washing and sorting to do!

In 2017 you’ll find us at the Armidale farmers Markets every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month and the 2017 THE SAWTELL CHILLI FESTIVAL. Visit our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/AndelaineFarm

RECYCLE! When you return to us, one of our empty jars or bottles we will give you 50 cents off the purchase price of another jar or bottle! (A full one of course!)


Here’s a little pile of pain!! Carolina Reapers fresh picked.

Glenlarge Garlic, Giant Russian  are going in the ground for next year. We’ve needed to plant more so thats a good thing. We have to keep everyone in garlic heaven!

CHILLI! We have 20 different types of chilli growing. From the SUPER HOT Carolina Reaper, Bhut Jolokia, Scotch Bonnet to HOT Habanero, Birds Eye, Jalapeño, and MILD Bishops Hat, Paprika and ball chilli to name a few.

CAROLINA REAPERS …Just sayin’…CAROLINA REAPERS…Yep, enough said.

With all this Chilli we’ve got jars of Harissa with the lovely warmth and flavours of smoked chilli and the middle east just waiting for you. From West Africa we have Sweet Bite Hot Sauce with pineapple sweetness and a face redefining Habanero kick.

And then….


1. (in Indian mythology) a spirit or demon.

We have ‘Bhut in your face’ chilli puree. Pure Ghost chilli puree! It’s NOT FOR THE FAINT HEARTED and to be used with caution.

Chilli an assortment of red to red hot!

Andelaine Farm is approximately half way between Kempsey and Armidale at Lower Creek.
We are growing Glenlarge garlic and an assortment of chilli and seasonal ginger and tumeric. 

Depending on season availability we have raw and smoked garlic, individual bulbs and roasted garlic, chilli condiments, sauces, salad dressings vinegars and relish. 

Our Glenlarge Garlic when eaten raw has quite a hot kick to start but then for a long while, leaves a mellow nutty after taste. When it is used in cooking it has a lovely nutty aroma and adds a full but mellow garlic flavour.

For more background information on Glenlarge Garlic Culitvar visit: http://www.australiangarlic.net.au/garlic/artichoke/glenlarge

The proprietors of Andelaine Farm do more than grow things, artist Kay Bridge has
some of her work can be seen in ‘The Studio’ and Felix’s woodwork can be seen in
  ‘The Workshop’

© Kay Bridge 2017